Our company was established in 1991. We produce mainly energy efficient heat systems for churches and provide energy saving solutions in sacral buildings. We do not heat the building, instead, our products provide heat energy directly to the people who are sitting on our heating mats.


People whose body temperate is at an optimal level emit heat energy. The emitted heat energy warms the air up and rises the temperature of the whole building (every person with an optimal body temperature works like a 100-watt heater).


We offer also special products to warm up ecclesiastics in the presbytery with special manufactured products such as:

heating mats;
heated corporals;
heated mats for confessionals
heated underwear.

All heating elements are powered by a safe voltage of 24 V so we can ensure full security. We also provide a guarantee for satisfaction. We guarantee also a very low power consumption (to back up our words we install a power meter in every church).

For instance, a church with 200 seatings in average needs 2 Kwh for a mass. Assuming that the average price for 1 Kwh is 0.15 Euro the overall cost will be around 0.3 Euro.

Our heat system has been installed in many significant churches in Poland and abroad. You can find examples of our realizations and opinions about our products in the gallery tab and the references tab.

Around 70 % of our realizations took place in churches that already had one or more heat systems so we

We believe that our heat system is for sure a fair alternative to warm up the people in the church and partly the building itself. As the owner and CEO of Kamo, I take full responsibility for the text above.


Brunon Kreft

A company with over 25 years of experience