Heated mats to place under corporals and heating mats on the floor

This product is specially designed for priests, who celebrate a mass. The heat emitted by the heating mat allows to warm up the hands and the grail. Another important thing is the fact that the emitated heat rises the temperature of the surrounding air and any harm to the vocal cords is being prevented (which is a problem in cold churches). The thickness of the heating mat is 4 mm and it is located under the corporal making it almost invisible.


We also offer specially constructed, smaller heating mats to heat up the ampules with water and wine. Different constructed heating mats are being used to the rostrum.

The structural element is a metal sheet which is 1.5- 2 mm thick (it depends on the size of the heating mat). A non- flammable felt with a special resistance wire is stuck to the metal sheet and the whole product is in a cover. The heating mat is connected with a controller that includes a safety transformer. This makes the usage of the heating mat 100 % safe, even in extreme cases (even if somebody would pour water on it) because of the safe voltage. If necessary we put an anti- slip mat under the heated mat. The heating mat can be vacuumed, wiped with a cloth and if necessary the cover can be removed to clean it. Depending on the size of the heating mat the power varies from 100 to 400  W. We produce those heating mats in three standard seizes : 65x 65 cm, 100x 65 cm and 120x 65 cm but if necessary we can manufacture it in your desired size. The power of each mat is selected individually, that allows every mat to fulfill its main task even in very low temperatures.