Heating mats on benches

Because of the specific construction, great cubic- capacity and antiques in historic churches, churches are not suitable to be heated up as a whole. Our heat system is intended to warm up the believers, priests and partly churches.

If we sit in a cold church, on a cold bench our thermal energy will be drained within a few minutes because of the cold bench, air, and walls. Our heating mats provide thermal energy directly to one’s body. The maximal temperature is 36 degree Celsius (our product has safety- studies by Polish Centre for Testing and Certification S.A. in Warsaw). Our heating mats can be divided into the desired number of heating sectors which a smooth heating regulation.

The generated heat from our special heating wire is absolutely neutral to pacemakers, skin, inner organs and etc. By providing thermal energy to the body we prevent to let the body cool it down which allows to comfortably attend the Holy Mass. Sitting people who are not cooled down are generating thermal energy, around 100 W each, which allows partly to warm up the people who are standing and to raise the temperature in the church. In the same time this process is 100 % neutral to relics inside of the church, evidenced by numerous researchers, respected experts and carried out implementations (St. Mary’s Church in Gdańsk, Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Family in Częstochowa, Basilica Cathedral of Sant Mary of the Assumption, St. Jadwiga’s of Poland Church in Krakow, St. Jack’s and Mary’s Church in Kłecko, King Jesu’s Church in Jarocin, St. Jack’s Church in Straszyn, Lady’s of Perpetual Help Sanctuary in Jaworzno and many more).

Our heating system has been implemented in both small and the biggest churches in Poland and abroad. The investment can be przeprowadzona in stages and the number of heated mats can be extended.

It is difficult to choose the right heating system. Sadly, around 70 % of our implementations took place in churches which already had one or two heating systems who did not manage to warm up the people in the church or are too expensive in usage.

Our company and I personally (Brunon Kreft- owner and CEO) guarantee for the energy consumption and satisfaction of the users. Otherwise, we have a money- back guarantee. I am proud to say that from the time we started to produce our heat system (12 years), we have not had a single case where our customer has used this guarantee.