Heating of confessionals

Our product was specially constructed and manufactured to meet our clients needs. It consists of two parts- the sitting and the mat for the back of the chair. The whole mat is connected with a converter and driver with a smooth adjustment that converts the network voltage to a safe voltage of 24 V. Our heating mat contains a high- quality sponge which is connected with a mat with a special resistance wire that produces the heat. Every heating mat for confessionals is manufactured individually to meet your expectations. We use high-quality materials for the cover in your desired color.


Both heating mats are mounted on Velcro in case there is no tapestry. In case there is a tapestry, we mount it on a sharp Velcro to the tapestry.

We construct special heat mats for organists in the same way.


Our heat mat warms up to 36 C. Our heating mats for confessionals have been proved to be 100 % safe and have a CE certificate. Like in every other product we offer a long term warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.