Heating mats on banks

The heating mat is located on the bank. A thin anti- slip mat is placed under the heating mat. The heating mat is connected through a wire with a safety transformer, which is located under the bank. A 25 mm foam with a density of R- 120. The whole mat is covered. Our special heat wire is stucked to the foam on a specific felt. The whole heating mat is in a cover that is equipped with a zipper so as it is possible to remove it from the mat and clean it. The materials used to produce our covers are of very high quality similar to those used for high-class furniture

Heated carpets

The structural element is a metal sheet which is 1.5- 2 mm thick (it depends on the size of the heating mat). A non- flammable felt with a special resistance wire is stuck to the metal sheet and the whole product is in a cover. The heating mat is connected with a controller that includes a safety transformer. This makes the usage of the heating mat 100 % safe, even in extreme cases (even if somebody would pour water on it) because of the safe voltage. If necessary we put an anti- slip mat under the heated mat. The heating mat can be vacuumed, wiped with a cloth and if necessary the cover can be removed to clean it. Depending on the size of the heating mat the power varies from 100 to 400  W. We produce those heating mats in three standard seizes : 65x 65 cm, 100x 65 cm and 120x 65 cm but if necessary we can manufacture it in your desired size. The power of each mat is selected individually, that allows every mat to fulfill its main task even in very low temperatures.

Heated underwear, gloves and inserts for shoes

Those products were specially manufactured for priests and other people who are exposed to low tempreatures. Our underwear is made of high- quality materials in which our heat elemnts are sewn in (a special string which consists of 524 micro wires whose diameter is 1 mm). The heating elements are located on the chest, loins and thigh. We are also able to place the heating elements in the desired location in the desired number. The heating elements are powered by a battery with a two- step regulation (with a voltage of 7 V) while the battery lasts from 2 to 3 hours (it depends on the level of heating). This product is avaliable in all sizes.

Heated sitting for confessionals, sedili and banks for organists.

Our heating mats for confessionals are manufactured in the same way as heating mats for banks but beacause of the shorter time of heating the heating wire has increased power of heating (the average power use is 60 W for an hour of usage). Every heating mat for confessionals is manufactured indywidually to be produced in the desired size and colour. Both the sitting and back are connected to a small driver (which converts the voltage from 230 to 23 V) which is most often placed under the sitting or on the side wall of the confessional and has a smoth adjustment of heating power. Those heating elements are usually attached to the sitting and back of the confessional with Velcro. In case there already is a upholestery on the sitting we put a special kind of Velcro on it which gives our heating mat stability.

Heating images as radiators

Heated paintings are the excellent complementary offer for out heating system. Our heated images are being used mainly in vestibules of churches, presbytery and sacristys.

Heating mats on chairs

Podgrzewany fotel lub krzesło działa na tej samej zasadzie, jak podgrzewane siedzisko do konfesjonału. Produkt ten dedykowany jest do zimnych pomieszczeń, gdzie osoby przebywają dłuższy okres czasu, np. zakrystia, ziemne biuro, magazyny, chłodnie i tym podobne.

Our chair with a heating mat inside works in the same way our mats for confessionals work. This product is especially recommended for people who work in cold rooms like sacristys, offices where the temperature is low, warehouses etc.